Mail Order Steak Seafood and Other Meats Use EPS Foam Shipping Coolers

Using Insulated Shipping Boxes To Ship Fresh Shrimp and Seafood

Overnight Shipping of Fresh Crab, Shrimp, & Fish via Insulated Foam Shipping Containers to Prevent Spoiling Do you have occasion or need to package and ship perishable seafood items across the state or across country?  Want to save money while making sure that your cargo arrives still tantalizingly fresh?  We’ve got the solution for you:  Insulated Shipping Boxes & Coolers This video on How To Pack And Ship Fresh Seafood For Overnight Delivery explains in detail how you can pack your items in a most efficient way before taking them to the UPS, FedEx, postal service, or other shipping provider… If you happen to find yourself headed out to do …

EPS Expanded Polystyrene Name Change?

Is Expanded Polystyrene (EPS Foam) Eventually To Be Renamed by the Plastics Industry? A recent Plastics Today blog focuses on the European EPS industry’s efforts to reach a consensus name change for Expanded Polystyrene for consistency’s sake.  Check out the article entitled European EPS Industry Suggests A Name Change For The Material… As an manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene products – including Foam Coolers and Insulated Shipping Boxes, the LoBoy brand would be impacted by a consensus name change in many ways if it takes hold in the USA.  For now, though, things remain as they’ve been for more than 44 years.