LoBoy EPS Foam Coolers and Insul-Pak Shipping Coolers & Insulated Shipping Boxes

For More than 43 Years, LoBoy has set the standard for the best EPS Foam Coolers and Cold Chain Shipping Solutions (Shipping Coolers, Insulated Foam Shipping Boxes and Containers) money can buy.  So, when you need to keep drinks icy cold and hot foods piping hot, our LoBoy Coolers have always been in a class of their own for quality and performance.   Read More about our fabulous LoBoy Thick Wall Foam Coolers, LoBoy Promotional Foam Coolers, LoBoy College & Collegiate Logo Foam Coolers, and LoBoy Custom Logo Coolers For Branding Your Business or Organization.

Need a shipping container that is specially designed for transporting fragile tropical fish halfway around the world?  How about shippers and all the necessary Insulated shipping boxes, containers, and packaging for your favorite meats, seafoods and other perishable product shipping needs, or even sensitive electronics or precious medicines and pharmaceutical products?  Insul-Pak has the solutions to all of your Cold Chain packaging and shipping needs.

And while we’ve given the competition over 40 years to catch up, our LoBoy and Insul-Pak products are still the industry standard.  Our designers and engineers have leveraged our manufacturing technology and expertise to expand the scope of the business into some pretty amazing places, including the addition of three new manufacturing facilities to offer our LoBoy products worldwide.  At Magna Manufacturing, we don’t just manufacture Expanded Polystyrene products – we manufacture SOLUTIONS!

“Old Glory” Edition Amazing Flying Coozie For Memorial Day, Flag Day, & 4th Of July!

Old Glory Edition Amazing Flying Coozie by LoBoy Foam CoolerDesigned for keeping drinks cold and, when you’re ready, as a neat sports tailgating accessory to throw among friends like a football for great fun!  Introducing the PERFECT tailgating, holiday party, and promotional item for the spring, summer, fall, and sports seasons – The Amazing Flying Coozie with stunningly cool patriotic theme colors.  This incredible tailgating sports koozie keeps drinks refreshingly cold and serves as an exciting activity for backyard bar-b-ques, pool parties, tailgate events, and family gatherings at the beach or park.  The Old Glory Edition is among the variety of fresh designs now available including the Outdoorsman Edition (REALTREE® Brand Camouflage print for hunters), Official College Logo Edition (as with our new Alabama Crimson Tide Flying Coozie), and more.

How To Package Fresh Seafood For Shipping Overnight Delivery – Keeping Seafood Fresh During Shipping Is Simple Using Insul-Pak Foam Shippers

We’ve created this instructional video to show you how easy it is for small businesses and individuals to ship seafood quickly across country efficiently and affordably. Hundreds of restaurants, caterers, charter fishing fleets, and seafood stores use our Insul-Pak Brand Cold Chain Shipping Coolers and insulated foam shippers to protect temperature-sensitive cargo across every type of geographical region. Contact our Client Solutions Team to learn how you can cut down on costs, maintain product quality, and boost customer satisfaction. Read More at The Bear Facts Blog

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See Our New Insulated Cakes & Pies Shipper!

Introducting the new LoBoy Cake & Pie Shipper, Product #200C – the perfect high-quality, low-cost insulated shipping container for state-to-state or even cross country transport of cakes, pies, and other delicacies that require thermal protection during transit. The #200C is specially designed to maintain cargo stability while being shipped and keep temperatures within a specific range so that shipments arrive fresh and visually appealing. Find out more about our insulated shipping boxes and containers here…

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The LoBoy Foam Coolers Team Bear Facts Blog

We also like to let everyone know about the latest happenings in our industry as it relates to the businesses who promote and use all of our products and services.  In the end, it’s all about the people whose lives are impacted by what we do, but we also like to showcase some of the great fun we have here at the company so that everybody gets to see that we enjoy using our products as much as our wonderful friends.  Read more by checking out our awesome Bear Facts Lifestyle Blog…

Cold Chain Shipping & Packaging Supplies

Insul-Pak Cold Chain Gel Packs For Keeping Goods and Products ColdShipping perishable or temperature-sensitive products even short distances requires the best Cold Chain Shipping & Packaging Materials available to prevent mishaps or damage during transit.  Only the highest quality, most reliable Cold Chain Gel Packs, Packaging Tape, and Single Pack Cartons should be considered to protect your items.  Read more about our Cold Chain Shipping & Packaging Supplies…

Custom EPS Foam Packaging Protection

LoBoy Custom EPS Foam Packaging ProtectionLoBoy Customized Foam Packaging Solutions can have a profit-boosting impact on your bottom line through better product protection, more efficient shipping design, reduced customer complaints due to shipping mishaps in transit, and increased customer satisfaction resulting in brand loyalty for you.  Our Client Solutions Team wants to help you meet your business goals.  Read more about LoBoy Customized EPS Foam Packaging Protection Solutions…

LoBoy & Magna Manufacturing – The “Green” EPS Foam Manufacturer – A 100% EPS Foam Recycling Program & Clean Manufacturing Processes

Magna Manufacturing, Inc. is the maker of the Legendary LoBoy EPS Foam Cooler and the Insul-Pak line of Cold Chain Shippers & Insulated Foam Shipping Containers. One of the fundamental business philosophies we believe in is doing good things for the environment.  Two ways we express our commitment to a healthy environment are maintaining a clean, energy-efficient, and safe manufacturing operation and by insisting on a 100% EPS Foam Recycling Program.We diligently maintain a clean work environment for the safety and benefit of not only our employees but the surrounding community. As you can see in the video provided, Magna Manufacturing employees care as much about the condition of their workplace as they care about the quality and reliability of the EPS Foam Products they help manufacture.  As a result, Magna is a multi-year recipient of the prestigious Saving Energy Now Award presented by the U.S. Department of Energy for demonstrating “Exceptional Leadership in Industrial Energy Efficiency.”

LoBoy Foam Cooler EPS Foam Recycling Program

LoBoy Foam Cooler Manufacturer Total EPS Foam Recycling ProgramAs an EPS Foam Manufacturer who cares about the environment, LoBoy & Magna Manufacturing is a “Green Company” maintaining a 100% EPS Foam Recycling Program on-site.  We also partner with the area Air Force Military Base to ensure that their left-over EPS Foam is properly recycled.  By serving as a resource for re-use and repurposing of leftover or scrap EPS Foam, Magna Manufacturing directly contributes to the reduction of unnecessary waste and excessive energy consumption.  Our 100% EPS Foam Recycling Program – combined with our award-winning, energy efficient EPS Foam Manufacturing processes – makes purchasing LoBoy and Insul-Pak products a buying decision you can feel good about.

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