Are you ready for the next tropical storm or hurricane - use this checklist!

A 23-Point Hurricane Preparadness Checklist

Tropical Storm or Hurricane Aftermath – Nothing Worse Than Being Caught Unprepared!

Are you ready for the next tropical storm or hurricane - use this checklist!Our most recent article discusses 23 basic supplies that can help you make it through the aftermath of a tropical storm or hurricane with a greater advantage than people who fail to prepare – and it all begins with the right foam cooler ice chest that’s thick walled, superior-grade, light-weight, low cost, and allows you to have several of them to share if you wish and still have plenty of money left over for other supplies.  This checklist is practical in that it ensures you have what you need in advance so you won’t have to rely so much on rescue resources like FEMA  or the Red Cross who can’t cover all contingencies.

Picture this.  It’s in the middle of a hot, muggy summer with oppressive temperatures  that beat you down even when you’re standing in the shade.  On top of that, the humidity index is so bad that your clothes stick to your body and you feel as though you’re walking around with pounds of extra weight even though you’re lightly dressed.  Insects are biting you despite your best efforts at swatting them away, and the thirst assaulting you from dehydration thanks to the heat is relentless.

Why?  Because you’re stuck in a debris-strewn, hurricane-devastated zone with no transportation out due to road closures enforced by authorities.

Someone is kind enough to pass you a bottle of water that, when you take hold of it, is not just lukewarm, but literally hot to the touch.  Matter of fact, every bottle of water you have in your stash is exactly the same, unpleasant, unpalatable temperature but there’s nothing you can do about it.  The food you had in the fridge is spoiling because all the ice is already melting with the power being out.

There are a couple of FEMA and Red Cross emergency trucks in the area that passed out rations and even some bags of ice, but that was numerous hours ago and what ice you had is already melted and the resulting water grown hot also.  You’re miserable.  Your family is griping.  All you’re neighbors are grumbling with the same discontent, and none of you are due for any relief right away.

Doesn’t sound like a situation you want to be in, does it?  Yet, it happens nearly every time a major tropical storm or a hurricane strikes the United States.  Thousands of people are affected and when emergency supplies do reach a needy populace, the provisions are typically well below the standard necessary to give satisfactory relief.

As an example, during the aftermath of both Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis, thousands of people received ice and drinks from relief resources but had to suffer the kind of discomfort written here merely because nobody thought to provide simple, light-weight, inexpensive, well-made thick walled foam coolers to keep the ice and drinks from getting hot.  So, people suffered unnecessarily, and there’s no telling what resulted from medicines becoming overheated, food growing spoiled and such.

By taking initiative now to prepare, you can gain some advantage over those who fail to heed the call and who wait until the last minute.  Read More about the 23-Point Tropical Storm and Hurricane Preparedness Checklist here…


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