Addaboy - The High-Quality Dual-Compartment Thick-Wall Foam Cooler

Addaboy – A Dual-Compartment Styrofoam Cooler from LoBoy!

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Put an End to Wet, Soggy Sandwiches & Warm Drinks – Strong, Light, Recyclable!

The Newest High-Tech Styrofoam Cooler from LoBoy Makes Fun Less Frustrating!

Contact The LoBoy Team for Wholesale or Custom Ordering:
(855)228-3535 or   (888) 243-1112

When it comes time to connect with friends and family during sports tailgating, picnics, hunting, camping or other outdoor activities, nobody likes dealing with a styrofoam cooler they can't rely on!

Yet, many coolers can ruin the mood when ice melts to make sandwiches, chips and other yummies soggy, mushy, and ruined.

That's where The Addaboy Dual-Compartment Styrofoam Cooler with Dual-Cool Technology comes in to save the day.

LoBoy has been making the best styrofoam coolers in the USA for more than fifty years and we are still pushing the limit with a new, high-quality design on an old favorite. By combining a dry food storage area that keeps fresh goods ready-to-eat and an thermally-protected ice-chest storage section next to it for maintaining icy-cold refreshment in a cooler that can keep ice cold not just for hours but for days! No minimum orders, Custom Branded Labels for your Business, Wholesale Pricing & Amazing Customer Service!

Contact The LoBoy Team for Wholesale or Custom Ordering:
(855)228-3535 or   (888) 243-1112



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