How To Pack and Ship Cakes and Pies Tutorial

Let’s Review How To Pack & Ship Cakes and Pies Insulated Shipping Boxes:
A Detailed eLearning Tutorial for Packaging Pies and Cake Desserts for Postal Carrier Delivery

They make fantastic gifts to be shared with others, but how to pack & ship cakes and pies so that they arrive ready to eat, unspoiled, and undamaged?  Whether you are a vendor of delicious dessert treats looking to improve your profit margins and customer satisfaction ratings, or just a caring friend who wishes to show somebody you’re thinking of them, shipping a pie or a cake by mail carrier for speedy delivery requires a bit of planning ahead so that you have all the right packaging supplies ready for fast, secure, reliable assembly prior to shipment.

Our ‘Insul-Pak’ line of insulated shipping boxes are perfectly suited to ensure having happy recipients.  Click here for some great ideas for Shipping Cakes & Pies using Insulated Shipping Boxes from our Insul-Pak Website…

How To Pack & Ship Cakes and Pies Using Insulated Shipping Boxes