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Suppliers of Foam Coolers For Cost-Effective Offshore Catering to Oil Rigs, Drilling Platforms, and Remote Site Food Service Logistics

LoBoy thick-wall foam cooler ice chests and eps foam shipping coolers are the cost effective, thermally reliable offshore catering option that provides the perfect, low-cost thermal insulating food, beverage, and medicine transport protection for companies specializing in supply, resupplying, and transporting these products to offshore oil rigs, gas platforms, and deep-sea marine site development, as well as remote site services to land camps, wellsites, and rigs in harsh, distant environments.

Our higher-quality eps foam containers keep food and liquids safe from temperature fluctuations just as they provide convenient shipping container storage during truck or ship transit overland or by sea.  Whether it be medical supplies, meat, seafood, confections, ice cream or other cold products, catering service companies can feel confident that goods and products will arrive intact and within proper temperature range.

Wholesale Catering Foam Ice Chests, Shipping Coolers, Insulating Shipping Boxes, Gel Packs, Corrugated Boxes, Adhesive Packing Tape & More

LoBoy is your one-stop provider of the logistical supplies you need to package foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals at distribution points and get them to the end users.

Getting goods to their destination with proper thermal protection to prevent spoilage or loss requires a reliable cooler from reliable manufacturer, so we ensure our production process results in a “fully fused” product that performs better than the competition, and that we can get you everything you need for packaging and shipping in a timely fashion.

Ensuring Remote Facility & Offshore Food Distribution Shipping Safety & Quality

Our long-lasting, low-cost expanded polystyrene food shippers and foam ice chests are the go-to choice for Organizations whose mission is to provide superior customer satisfaction that starts with the end-user, and that end-user is the deck hand, roughneck, or rig employee who’s expecting a diverse menu of decent, high-quality meals and beverages after a hard day’s labor. When the food’s good, the entire work environment seems better, morale is higher, and workers perform more productively and safely.

When and end-user goes to their supervisor about the quality of the meal, results an offshore or remote site catering company wants to hear about are, “Great food!” The supervisor and managers should be proclaiming, “Dependable, reliable, and professional!”  That kind of customer satisfaction means stronger business relationships and increased future prospects.

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Here, you’ll find an extensive selection of EPS Foam Cooler Options To Choose From Including:

Today, the LoBoy Brand of Thick Wall Foam Coolers and Custom Logo Coolers For Branding Your Business or Organization is synonymous with peace of mind, wise buying decisions, and solid American Values. Combine our flawless record of consistent reliability and “Made In America” standard with our 100% Recyclable Expanded Polystyrene product, and you can have complete confidence that you are making the best purchasing decision possible when considering foam coolers.