LoBoy Custom Molded EPS Foam Packaging Design Solutions

Standard foam molds not the right fit for the goods and products you bring to market?  We can help!  For Your Business Products Packaging & Shipping Needs – LoBoy Custom Molded EPS Foam Packaging Design and Product Cushioning and Custom Molded EPS Foam Shipping Protection That is 100% Recyclable, Quality Molded EPS Foam Inner-Pack Solutions.

LoBoy Custom EPS Foam Packaging ProtectionEPS Foam Custom Packaging Design for your product protection & product shipping needs. Inner-pack provides excellent cushioning for even your most fragile components. Let us also design your corrugated packaging.

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Customized EPS Foam Protection For Your Goods & Products

For more detailed information on putting together the right packaging protection for your product or service, contact the LoBoy Client Solutions Team:

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 Customized EPS Foam Protection For Your Goods & Products

Are You A Business Needing Cold Chain Shipping Solutions For Temperature-Sensitive Products?

The amazing thermal protective properties of our EPS Foam Coolers make them perfect for Cold Chain Shipping requirements.  Cold Chain Shipping is very important for businesses dealing in temperature-sensitive products that require protection, especially during shipping to clients and customers.  Our line of LoBoy Insulated Shipping Boxes & Containers ( insulated shipping cooler box kits) are the best solution.  If your business requires a customized foam design solution for shipping products that have unique shape, we provide Custom EPS Foam Shipping Protection Design Services that can add to your bottom line and help build a satisfied customer base.

Want To See Even More EPS Foam Cooler Options?

In addition to our extensive selection of Thick Wall EPS Foam Coolers, we also manufacture Wholesale Promotional Foam Coolers as “entry-level” general purpose foam coolers for Retailers, and Custom Logo Foam Coolers for branding your Business or Organizations.  Here are some convenient links: