Why A Coming Hurricane Demands Getting Thick Wall Foam Cooler Ice Chests

Lower Financial Risk And Raise Financial Sense When A Hurricane Threatens By Stocking Up On At Least A Couple Thick Wall Foam Coolers To Protect Temperature Sensitive Stuff

When Hurricanes Come Use Thick Wall Foam Coolers To Keep Stuff Fresh

Let’s go over why you need at least one thick wall foam cooler ice chest in your hurricane supply list.  First things first, though:   Learn How To Do A Hurricane Preparation Checklist With This Information From The National Hurricane Center.

There’s one responsible choice for storing temperature-sensitive goods (ice, water, food, drinks, medicines, etc.) that won’t break your bank and will keep your items fresh for days rather than hours, and that would be a thick wall foam cooler (sometimes erroneously referred to as Styrofoam Cooler Ice Chests) made from space-age, light-weight, inexpensive Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

A well-constructed thick wall foam cooler such as the LoBoy Brand (The Junior, The Jumbo, The Versapak, and The Original) is quality-built in a superior manufacturing process to insure thermal reliability, leak resistance, and durability.  These types of foam coolers are usually a minimum of 1.5 inches thick and thoroughly tested for strength and watertight quality.

Better Insulating Qualities

Sometimes called “Foam Ice Chests,” the thermal properties derived from the material’s fusing process make them capable of keeping food and other goods cool and fresh for days without having to ‘pre-cool’ (a problem encountered with hard-shell coolers that begin melting ice right away because of their surface temperature).

Much Lighter To Carry

Their light weight makes them easier to handle than heavier hard shell coolers so that when packed with supplies requiring thermal protection, they do not add pounds that you have to carry around with you in case you need to relocate or evacuate.

Far Less Expensive Than Hard Shell Coolers

For the kind of money you end up paying for quality plastic or metal-surfaced coolers, you can buy, at minimum, several large-volume thick wall EPS foam coolers or ice chests.  Even the cheapest, low-quality plastic coolers cost a lot more than a foam ice chest possessing better temperature control properties.  With price ranges skyrocketing into the hundreds of dollars for some brands of hard shells, a person can buy four or six jumbo-sized foam ice chests and still have tons of money left over for other hurricane  supplies or emergency money in case serious infrastructure damage makes normal ways of doing business difficult.


Are you ready to protect temperature-sensitive food, drinks, medicines, meat, and other items you require when the power goes out during a hurricane or tropical storm?  If not, you should to get it done now.  Already this Hurricane Season we’re nearly halfway through the alphabet in officially named storms and experts predicts we’ve only just begun.  Even now a developing hurricane is aiming straight for the Gulf Coast and Emerald Coast regions of the United States, so the question is…

“Have you made proper hurricane preparation or tropical storm preparations with the right supplies and evacuation plan?”

Just in case you do not know how to prepare, check out this information at the National Hurricane Center because you will be well-informed.

Unfortunately, many people drag their feet, waiting until nearly the last minute before running out to grocery stores and emergency supply shops to stock up on what they need.  The problem with that is that supplies are often short by that time as logistical shipping slows down and the people who stock the shelves are busy trying to make their own families safe for riding out the storm.  Also, price-gouging can become a problem when demand far outstrips supply.  So, don’t be a last-minute casualty.  Instead, start planning early so that you have all the food, water, medicines, back-up power, fuel, and cooler storage (for temperature-sensitive items) you need to get you through potentially hard times.  That way you won’t find yourself the victim of long lines in the hot sun along with other cranky procrastinators.

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