LoBoy Foam Coolers Team Featured In Destin Chamber News

LoBoy Foam Coolers Highlighted In April Edition of Destin’s Chamber Of Commerce ‘Network’ Newsletter

The LoBoy Foam Coolers Team Featured In Destin Chamber Network Newsletter

The LoBoy Foam Coolers Team Featured In Destin Chamber Network Newsletter

The Client Solutions Team here at LoBoy and Magna Manufacturing, Inc. (makers of the legendary LoBoy line of eps foam coolers and the LoBoy line of eps foam shipping coolers and cold chain shipping boxes) is very excited about being featured in the Chairman’s Spotlight of the Destin Chamber of Commerce’s Network Newsletter.

As the official publication of the Destin Area Chamber of Commerce, Network features news and information about Chamber Members from all along the Emerald Coast of Florida, from sole proprietors to professionals to medium and large size businesses.  As one of the region’s oldest manufacturing companies, Magna is a perfect fit for to participate in the Destin Chamber and is committed to provided a great deal of energy to supporting local and regional business promotion.

The feature article discusses the history of Magna Manufacturing, Inc. and the LoBoy and LoBoy brands, as well as the various products offered and means of distribution and purchase.  One particular bit of information concerns the launching of LoBoy’s Online Store that affords customers interested in small retail purchases to take advantage of free shipping backed by fantastic customer service.

To view a digital copy of the April edition of Network, click here.  You can also access the newsletter archive for Network by going to the Destin Florida Area Chamber of Commerce Website and clicking the News link.

LoBoy Foam Coolers Featured In Destin Chamber Of Commerce Newsletter

As a follow-up to the LoBoy teams appearance on a recent broadcast of Destin Chamber Forum (on Cox Cable), this current news feature marks a strong beginning to a major public relations approach that will see the LoBoy and LoBoy brands become much more well-known all over the nation, resulting in more business opportunities, translating into more jobs for residents, adding strength to our local and regional economies while raising the bar for quality eps foam products.

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