Looking for Highest-Quality Styrofoam Coolers & Ice Chests?

Nothing Beats LoBoy EPS Foam Coolers,  Thick-Wall Insulated Ice Chest, & unique Dual-Compartment Cooler!

For more Product Info or to place an Order Call Us at 855-228-3535 or Toll Free (888)243-1112 - LoBoy Thick Wall (or Thickwall) EPS Foam Coolers raise the bar for quality, reliability, and durability. We have complete confidence in our well-tested products because we know they work - See LoBoy insulated Foam Cooler Ice Chest Test Results.

The "Junior" LoBoy Foam Cooler #101

This personal 27 Quart cooler ice chest will keep a 12-pack of soda, sandwiches and snacks icy cold for days.

The "Junior" LoBoy EPS Foam Cooler is packaged 6 per case

 The "Jumbo" LoBoy Foam Cooler #102

Our largest thickwall cooler ice chest, you could pack an entire Thanksgiving dinner or family picnic for six inside this sturdy 85 Quart wonder. (We should know . . . we've done it.) This is a very popular choice for hurricane and emergency preparedness.

The Jumbo LoBoy EPS Foam Cooler is packaged 3 per case.

The "VersaPak" LoBoy Foam Cooler #103

This 68 Quart ice chest model is the ideal family cooler, perfect for long trips in the car or boat, campsite or cabin.

The VersaPak LoBoy EPS Foam Cooler is packaged 6 per case.

The "Original" LoBoy Foam Cooler #104

Party time! Only slightly smaller than The VersaPak (#103) ice chest, this 47 Quart product will hold over 48 12 oz. cans of your favorite beverages, soft drinks and ice!

The Original LoBoy EPS Foam Cooler is packaged 6 per case.

The "ADDABOY" Dual-Compartment Foam Cooler #105

Keep your food dry and cool while your drinks stay ice-cold in their own insulated compartment - no more soggy sandwiches or limp chips.

The Addaboy LoBoy EPS Foam Cooler is packaged 3 per case.

Wholesale 'Promotional' EPS Foam Coolers

These coolers are a wonderful item for your business logo or product or business marketing and promotion. They are light, strong, and once a customer has gotten years of satisfactory usage they are completely recyclable!

The Promo #109 - Case Quantity Only

You'll find our classic 24 Quart Promotional Foam Cooler in grocery and convenience stores from the Florida Keys to the Grand Banks. Perfect for a day at the beach, on the boat or on the golf course.

The Promo LoBoy Foam Cooler is Packed 12 per case.

The Tag Along #117H

12 Quarts Promotional Foam Cooler with a durable plastic carry handle. If you just need something to pack a lunch or carry to the ball game without taking up too much room, the Tag Along can handle it.

The Tag Along LoBoy Foam Cooler is Packed 12 per case.

The Beach Buddy #122H

Our most popular item! Don't leave home without it! Equipped with an extra 1/4 inch of wall thickness, this tough, convenient 22 Quart Promotional Foam Cooler will hold 18 cans of drinks or enough burgers and hot dogs for the entire family!

The Beach Buddy LoBoy Foam Cooler is Packed 6 per case.

The Overnighter #201H

Now you can take our popular 11-1/2 Quart Promotional Foam Cooler anywhere and everywhere you go. Perfect for packing lunch to work or taking the day off with food and drinks. The 1-inch wall thickness will keep food and drinks warm or cold overnight.

The Overnighter LoBoy Foam Cooler is Packed 12 per case.

Contact The LoBoy Client Solutions Team For Wholesale & Custom OrdersLoBoy promo coolers are a cost-effective item on which to proudly display your company graphics and imagery for a new level of brand awareness that goes where your customer goes and is shown to the people with whom they socialize.

LoBoy ‘Entry-Level’ EPS Foam Coolers with slightly thinner construction than our Thick Wall Foam Coolers while still maintaining superior quality to comparable brands (better leak resistance, temperature retention, not to mention that ours are longer lasting than typical promo coolers). 100% Recyclable combined with superior durability makes it the perfect foam cooler for people who care about the environment.

Since 1967, our Thick Wall Expanded Polystyrene Foam Coolers (commonly referred to as Foam Ice Chests by fishing pros and water sports fans who love them) have exceeded business, industry, and personal temperature control expectations as the best EPS Foam Coolers money can buy.

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