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The LoBoy brand of Wholesale EPS Foam Products began as a dream realized, one born of dissatisfaction more than 40 years ago when one man (our founder) became thoroughly fed up with low quality, leaking, constantly breaking styrofoam coolers decided that enough was enough, and set about designing a durable, reliable, affordable thermal ice chest foam cooler for the working man – a foam cooler that could be counted on to last for years and that could handle the rough work of offshore deep sea fishing, transit back to port filled with precious, perishable cargo, and be loaded and unloaded repeatedly on trucks to warehouses all across the country while lowering expenses and headaches for the people who make their living on the sea and because of the sea.

The result was a 100% American-Made foam cooler product so radically different from the competition that news of this revolutionary, tough, reliable thermal ice chest foam cooler spread like wildfire to become the top standard for highest quality EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Foam Coolers on the market.

Our Foam Cooler Ice Chest Is BETTER Than Hard Shell Coolers

Superior thermal insulating qualities of our densely structured, mechanically steam-molded material ensure that the ice chest can keep food and drinks cold for longer periods than typical plastic or metal hard shell coolers, consistently keeping ice cold for days rather than merely hours.

With a LoBoy thermal ice chest foam cooler, there’s never any need to pre-ice or pre-cool the cooler in order to provide efficient temperature protection because the material that makes up the inner ice chest doesn’t get hot or cold the way hard plastic or metal does. Even the most ridiculously expensive hard shell coolers warn buyers to use ice to chill the cooler before putting more ice in (what a waste of money!).

With no hard plastic or metal generating heat that in turn has to be counteracted, our cooler needs less ice per volume than hard shell coolers and can maintain the same amount of ice better.

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Even Our “Entry Level” Promotional Foam Coolers Are The Best!

If it doesn’t say “LoBoy” on the box, then you need to be careful with it.

When customers walk into popular chain grocery stores and get a cheap foam cooler from the shelf, there’s a high probability that the foam cooler they’re getting is a typical low-quality, brittle, leaky, unreliable one if the handle isn’t black.  There are various colors out there, but when you look for the trademark black handle with a LoBoy stamp on the cooler, then you can rest easy because we do not make our coolers to be thrown in the trash or the environment.  Instead, LoBoy Promotional Foam Coolers are thicker, more leak resistant, and far longer lasting for multi-purpose use than typical entry level coolers.  Strong, durable, and trustworthy.

World Famous Beaches of Destin FL - Cheap Foam Coolers Littered Here

LoBoy Foam Coolers do not end up as litter on the beach

You  should always demand LoBoy.  Why?  It sounds ridiculous but is nonetheless true that many retail chains mistakenly believe consumers don’t care about quality and are more fixated on cheapness.  This impression contradicts the general frustration felt by a buying public that’s grown weary of having eps foam coolers collapse, break, and leak – good money thrown in the garbage, or worse, cast along our precious shores and waterways as ugly litter.  When people don’t respect the product, that kind of thing is bound to happen.  As an illustration, one of our staff took a stroll along the beach at Destin Harbor in Destin, Florida – one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Not even five minutes into the walk he came across a competitor’s foam cooler thrown away on the beach.  Their foam cooler was obviously cheap off the shelf and had begun to crumble apart and ended up as litter.  The parking lot is literally less than 100 yards from the spot, so the cooler didn’t make it from the parking lot to the beach spot before it disappointed its purchaser.

Please Do Not Litter The Beach With A Cheap Foam Cooler

Our Quality LoBoy Coolers Don’t End Up In The Environment

One thing is for certain, it was not a LoBoy.   You see, LoBoy foam coolers and eps foam products are synonymous with quality, and people respect quality.  Because LoBoy is the cooler you keep, it means customers don’t throw them into the garbage or litter the environment.  Our coolers are not going to fall apart once they’re filled with ice and drinks, and not going to crumble under the pressure of being carried from the parking lot.  If you’re storing frozen food or or other heavy items in our foam ice chest, you don’t have to worry that your back seat or carpet or furniture might get soaked because of leaking (or ‘sweating’ as they call it in the industry – coolers aren’t supposed to sweat!).  LoBoy’s reliability, durability, and ultimate economy (you don’t need to keep buying them over and over again) is great for the customer, great for the retailer, and great for the planet.  See the LoBoy Foam Cooler Quality & Strength Test Videos below.

Proof Of LoBoy Foam Cooler Strength, Weight Resistance, And Leak Resistance

We don’t just talk quality and reliability, we prefer to show how much better we are.  Recently, we conducted a series of simple demonstrations that clearly show why LoBoy EPS Foam Coolers are far superior to competitor’s brands.  The results are so obvious that telling you we came out ahead could never come close to you seeing the evidence with your own eyes, so enjoy the following videos of a LoBoy Foam Cooler Strength Test Demonstration, LoBoy Foam Cooler Weight Endurance Test Demonstration, and LoBoy Foam Cooler Leak Resistance Test Demonstration:

Amazing LoBoy EPS Foam Cooler Strength Test – Strongest Foam Cooler

Amazing LoBoy EPS Foam Cooler Weight Endurance Test – Most Durable Foam Cooler

Amazing LoBoy EPS Foam Cooler Leak Resistance Test – Most Reliable Foam Cooler

Here, you’ll find an extensive selection of EPS Foam Cooler options to choose from including…

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Custom Logo Coolers For Branding Your Business or Organization

Are You A Business Needing Cold Chain Shipping Solutions For Temperature-Sensitive Products?

The amazing thermal protective properties of our EPS Foam Coolers make them perfect for Cold Chain Shipping requirements.  Using Insulated Shipping Boxes is very important for businesses dealing in temperature-sensitive products that require protection, especially during shipping to clients and customers.  Our LoBoy line of Insulated Shipping Boxes ( insulated shipping coolers ) are the best solution.  If your business requires a customized foam design solution for shipping products that have unique shape, we provide Custom EPS Foam Shipping Protection Design Services that can add to your bottom line and help build a satisfied customer base.

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