LoBoy Brand Temperature-Sensitive Shipping Solutions – EPS Foam Shippers, Insulated Shipping Coolers & Boxes, Supplies and Services.

Our Insulated Shipping Solutions philosophy ensures that the Shipping Boxes & Foam Shippers you order are not just a matter of spending money, but INCREASING YOUR OWN PROFITS in the process. Your bottom line is improved when your customers are thrilled not only with the products you provide, but the timeliness and reliable condition in which they arrive, so getting that level of customer satisfaction requires the best thermal protection during transit at the smartest costs for you.

That is why LoBoy is the brand name to remember for thermal protection of temperature-sensitive goods during shipping transit.  Overall, EPS Foam Shippers, Foam Shipping Containers, and Insulated Shipping Boxes are the #1 choice of poultry and meat processors, seafood suppliers, dairies, convenience stores, supermarket chains, biomedical laboratories, not to mention countless end-users.