Hurricane Season – Why You NEED Thick Wall Foam Cooler Ice Chests

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Foam Ice Chests – Much More Affordable, Keeps Ice Longer, Recyclable – Just A Few Reasons To Stock Up Before Hurricane Season

Foam Cooler Ice Chests For Hurricane Preparedness

When you’re watching the local and regional weather news with tropical waves coming off the coast of Africa, that’s about the time you start ticking off the list of things you ought to have on hand just in case you need them in the even of a tropical storm or hurricane landing in your area.  On that list of must-have items, ice chest foam coolers with extra thick walls should be right near the top of your priorities.  A recent article launched on the web by the LoBoy Foam Coolers Team discusses important reasons why.  One that stands out is the affordability of large volume foam ice chests in comparison to hard shell coolers of similar volume.

In emergency situations or during events where scarcity is a serious possibility, there are many people who can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars for one single cooler and whose budgets are mostly concerned with the bare necessities of survival.  For the cost of a single quality hard shell cooler, a person can get several (or more) thick wall eps (expanded polystyrene) foam ice chests that keep food and drinks and medicines cold for days, just as long or LONGER than hard shell coolers.

During emergency events, this economic advantage is a great convenience because not only can less fortunate people easily afford them, but well-to-do people can ensure their own comfort and still help others by having multiple units on hand, just in case.

These and other points are discussed in our web article:  Read Six Reasons Why You MUST Have A Foam Cooler Ice Chest During Hurricane Season…

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