Choosing How To Keep Seafood Cold When Shipping In Foam Coolers

Keeping Seafood Cold When Shipping Long Distances – Dry Ice Vs. Gel Packs

As To Whether You Should Use Gel Packs or Dry Ice When Shipping Seafood Catches or Purchases…

Choosing How To Keep Seafood Cold When Shipping In Foam Coolers

Choosing How To Keep Seafood Cold When Shipping In Foam Coolers

Let’s say you’re going to use a foam shipping cooler to ship home your most recent catch from the charter fishing boat or from the great adventure you recently enjoyed at the local seafood store.  The one thing you want to make sure of is that your cargo inside your insulated shipping box doesn’t go bad on you while in transit.  This means you need to choose the appropriate refrigerant.

To Dry Ice or NOT To Dry Ice?

Did you know that using dry ice is a bad idea in certain seafood shipping scenarios?  What’s more, did you know that using cubed ice could be the worst possible choice?

The most recent informative article released on the web by the makers of the legendary LoBoy foam cooler explains some of the factors that affect your decision to use which of the most popular choices of insulated shipping coolers and product insulating shipping box kits.

Packing live seafood so that it remains alive requires consideration for both container and refrigerant because they’ll serve as the “life support system” for the cargo; this while other types of seafood may need to arrive very cold or even frozen depending on type, volume, expected outside temperatures, and distance/travel time.

We’ve got some useful tips and advice offered  here as you read “Choosing How To Keep Seafood Cold When Shipping In Foam Coolers”

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