LoBoy EPS Foam Coolers Launches New Blog

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LoBoy Welcomes You To “The Bear Facts Blog”

Kenny - General Manager LoBoy Foam Coolers Client Solutions Team

Kenny – General Manager LoBoy Foam Coolers Client Solutions Team

Magna Manufacturing Inc., makers of the Legendary “LoBoy EPS Foam Cooler” and Insulated Shipping Coolers and Corrugated Box Kits (Cold Chain Shippers, Insulated Shipping Containers, and Cold Chain Packaging Supplies), as well as other EPS Foam products, has launched an exciting new Blog featuring news and information directly related to the interests and lifestyles of Vendors, Distributors, Retailers, and End Users of LoBoy and Insul-Pak products, goods, and services.

Just The Bear Facts – What We Think Of As “Important” For Our Blog

Our blog is about the people who use our products and the fun they have with them.  Also, there are hundreds of business clients whose lives are directly impacted by the quality and reliability our products afford, so we want to show how these wonderful partners get business done to put food on your table and their own table.

What Kind Of Lifestyle Activities Will We Feature?

There are a number of fun and interesting activities (and people) that we’ll be covering using graphically dynamic, text-based posts (and many video-based posts), interviews, and some posts that will involve contests and give-aways.   Here are some topics we’re keeping an eye on…

Fishing  – Hobbyist and Professional

Many thousands of people use LoBoy foam coolers for fishing of all sorts, both to keep their food and refreshments cold and their catches fresh.  We get lots of emails and phone calls from people who enjoy having a quality foam cooler when doing deep sea fishing, coastal charter boat fishing, spear fishing, kayak fishing (a recreation that’s taking off like wildfire on the Emerald Coast of Florida and other areas), shoreline fishing (as when casting from the beach) and even ice fishing.  We might even get into a few discussions on the insanely cool Catfishing technique called “noodling” (you stick your arm in a hole and let a giant catfish try to eat it).  In addition to the Fishing topic, you’ll also see us cover…

  • Outdoor Cookouts & Backyard Parties, Entertainment
  • All Sports Tailgating – Scholastic, Collegiate, & Professional Events
  • Beach Lifestyles – Beach Volleyball, Beach Parties, Etc.
  • Recreational Boating, Sailing, & Water Recreation
  • Medical Topics – Our Insul-Pak products help save lives!
  • Hunting & Sportsmen (and Sportsladies, of course)
  • Camping & State (and National) Park Recreation
  • Cross Country Road Travel

Please Share The Bear

Of course, we appreciate in advance everyone who will read our posts, and we both ask and encourage their sharing to whatever platforms you would like (Facebook, Twitter, etc. – also, Videos to video channels like YouTube, Dailymotion and the sort).

We welcome any neat ideas for blog topics and features.  To submit an idea, email:  marketing@loboy.com

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