LoBoy Foam Cooler Survives Being Thrown From A Roof

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Is A LoBoy Foam Cooler Really Tough Enough To Survive a 30-Foot Drop?  Video Footage Reveals The Truth!

On a brisk, sunny morning the team got together and decided to test out whether our thick-wall cooler could handle a long drop from heights that would send most foam coolers to the scrap heap.

Throwing A Foam Cooler Off A Roof – Can It Survive A 30 Foot Drop?

A foam cooler company has to have a lot of confidence in the quality of it’s products to risk conducting a live demonstration of it being thrown from the top of a building for upload to YouTube, and that’s exactly what we did here at Magna Manufacturing, makers of the world best foam coolers.

The LoBoy line undergoes a stringent manufacturing process that results in a ‘fully fused’ cooler that is better put together than the types of cheap, flimsy foam coolers sold in some stores.  Many people know full well that low-grade coolers are not built to last and there’s an unfortunate expectation for coolers to easily fall apart and end up either in the trash or as litter in the environment.  We don’t believe that should be the case, and so we reject trying to making a fast buck at the expense of customer satisfaction.  Instead, we insist on greater quality and reliability so that people don’t readily dispose of a cooler that can literally last decades when taken care of properly.

For more information on LoBoy EPS Foam Coolers and other EPS foam products, check out our website or call the LoBoy Client Solutions Team at (888) 243-1112.

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