LoBoy Supplies Coolers for Offshore Catering and Remote Site Food Service Companies

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A Big Welcome Aboard to our Catering Suppliers to Offshore Oil Rigs, Natural Gas Platforms, and Remote Drilling Locations

LoBoy catering coolers for offshore and remote site food service suppliersMagna Manufacturing (makers of the LoBoy & Insul-Pak foam coolers, thick-wall ice chests, and foam shippers brands) has enjoyed a phenomenal business quarter that has included the coming aboard of several new offshore catering companies, clients providing food service logistics and resupply for personnel who work at distant oil and natural gas exploration and drilling sites in the wilderness and abroad at sea.

Some of these organizations not only cater the food itself, but handle the administration, recruitment, as well as transport and lodging of related staff, cooks, equipment and everything else – a logistical challenge level that is extraordinarily complicated, especially in regards to getting goods, products, and hardware prepped for shipping, loaded onto onto supply vessels that ply the ocean to safely transfer cargo onto at-sea platforms.

Whether a catering company’s operations are limited to simply packaging foodstuffs at a distribution center for transport to the drilling location or are involved in a much more complex process from distribution to meal preparation, LoBoy thick-wall foam coolers and Insul-Pak foam shippers offer both a cost savings (profit-boosting) and customer satisfaction advantage.

The Cost Savings of EPS Foam Coolers for Catering Companies

Although our coolers are manufactured with quality as the top priority, we ensure to strike just the right balance between costs and pricing so that our customers benefit from higher profit margins on their end.  EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Foam material is less expensive than hardshell plastic, reusable, and recyclable.  Its reusability means a caterer can have custom branding applied and save money by using the same containers repeatedly.  Additionally, EPS’ anti-microbial qualities help prevent the spread of nasty contaminants when reused over time.

Increased Customer Satisfaction for Drilling Rig Crews and Remote Site Personnel

Labor in the oil and gas industry can be very demanding, with long hours of challenging work in isolated locations, so one of the small things that crews look forward to is a satisfactory meal with good food and tasty beverages.  In order to make that happen, foodstuffs must arrive onsite in prime condition whether fresh or frozen.  Maintaining an effective temperature range requires a storage container that can handle wide swings of head and cold during transit.  Because many products must be kept within specific thermal guidelines for best preparation and cooking results, companies look for the right tools at the right costs for packing, storage, and transport.  When the needs for each of these factors are met or exceeded, the food is good and employees have something to look forward to.  LoBoy is proud to be the product that meets and exceeds these requirements.

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