Magna With Walmart in A WEAR Channel 3 On-Site Interview

LoBoy Coolers Foam Cooler

The Magna team extends a warm “Thank You” to Christopher Saul and the rest of Pensacola’s WEAR Channel 3’s News Team for their recent visit and tour of our Fort Walton Beach, Florida manufacturing plant as well as an in-depth interview with Magna’s General Manager, Kenny Watkins highlighting our participation in Walmart’s wonderful local vendor program.


As part of Magna Manufacturing’s daily effort to make product we can be proud of widely available to a public demanding more bang for a hard-earned dollar, our company teamed up with retail mega-giant Walmart in the Spring of 2013 as part of their ‘Buy Local, Buy American’ program which helps locally-made goods fight for space on store shelves, helping to level the playing field for small companies competing against well-funded large corporations that would otherwise dominate the market in a way that shuts out smaller businesses.


What began as merely a ‘foot in the door’ of the Panama City Beach store, Magna’s relationship with Walmart has allowed us accessibility to twenty-three regional locations across several states, making our thick-walled, super-reliable foam coolers available in Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, and even California.

Walmart’s willingness to assist smaller companies not only adds more stability to our revenue (which allows Magna to hire more people, bringing higher-paying jobs to our community), but helps their own bottom line by putting local, American-made goods on the map, boosting local pride and customer satisfaction with distribution via their internationally-trafficked website that feeds out to other large retail web platforms, thereby expanding local small business reach even further.

For five decades, Magna Manufacturing’s LoBoy Cooler brand has been setting the highest standard for EPS foam cooler quality and reliability as the best cost effective cooler in USA.

As one of the first, plank-holding Okaloosa County producers, Magna has been a solid partner in the Northwest Florida business environment as a vendor supplier of great products, as well as a strategic partner with other regional companies keeping the wheels of capital commerce rolling even outside of a long tourist season so vital to the area.

Participation in Walmart’s program allows locals to walk into regional stores and enjoy a sense of pride in seeing products manufactured in their own neck of the woods boldly displayed for purchase, inspiring a feeling of pride and encouraging brand loyalty.


Thanks to our participation with Walmart, we expect to continually expand market accessibility to our superior products and secure a better future for our loyal, growing staff and local community for years to come.

Want to know more? Read WEAR Channel 3’s informative article about Walmart’s local vendor program and Magna’s part in it…