Offshore Caterers Using Insul-Pak Shipping Coolers for Better Food Protection

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Offshore Catering Companies Using EPS Foam Shipping Coolers to Protect Food ShipmentsAs numerous food service suppliers have discovered, LoBoy’s Brand of superior-grade EPS foam shipping coolers are a perfect tool for packing temperature-sensitive food and medicines for transit at distribution points on land for transport to offshore wells and remote drilling sites.

Specialized food service caterers are responsible for making sure that hard-working crews stay well-fed with high-quality, delicious meals.   To do this, they need the right insulated shipping boxes and insulated shipping containers that not only protect the contents from temperature swings, but also provide a relatively inexpensive option to much more costly hard shell plastic or metal coolers.

Catering vendors who supply food service to oil wells, exploration platforms, and drilling sites in remote areas can improve their bottom line in a very practical way by integrating the use of insulated foam shippers in order to keep foodstuffs and medicines fresh or frozen.

To read more about some guiding minimums for choosing the right foam shipper for offshore food shipping logistics, see our recent article entitled, “Choosing an Offshore Catering Cooler for Shipping – 5 Vital Requirements”…

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