Original 50-Year Old LoBoy Cooler Shows Why Quality Wins Over The Long Term!

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LoBoy Foam Coolers – Made With Pride, Built To Last – The BEST Foam Cooler in the USA!

50-Year Old LoBoy Styrofoam Cooler Shows Why Long-Term Quality Wins! LoBoy Styrofoam Coolers & Ice Chests EPS are 100% American and built to last!

The LoBoy Coolers team is very excited to have come across one of our original coolers from when we first began production 50 years ago.  The years have passed and many things in the world have changed, but our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is the same now as it was five decades ago.

This styrofoam ice chest (made from EPS Expanded Polystyrene) was one of the first ones to roll off the line back in 1967 and someone was still making use of it when we found it and with the original tape on the lid.  It makes a fine edition to what’s becoming the Magna Foam Cooler History Museum in the front lobby.  We may have to hire a tour guide soon.

When we say that LoBoy Styrofoam Coolers & Ice Chests are the best foam coolers in the USA, we’re not kidding.  We hear stories all the time from people who bought a cooler decades ago and still use it.

LoBoy is the foam cooler that will keep your stuff thermally protected for decades if you treat it right.


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