Insulated Shipping Boxes Labels Branding by Insulpak and LoBoy

Putting Labels on Foam Insulated Shipping Boxes for Building Your Brand

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4 Reasons Why Branding Your Shipping Packages Can Increase Business

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Companies Brand their LoBoy & Insul-Pak Insulated Shipping Boxes and Foam Shippers for a better bottom line.

Thousands of companies doing mail-order business use insulated foam coolers, foam ice chest shippers, and other EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam containers to ensure seafood, meats, medicines, and other goods reach customers and clients living out of town, out of state, or even out of the country. All told, These businesses spend billions in revenue annually, putting owners and managers on the spot to squeeze profits from non-shipping areas when, in fact, the boxes, containers, and shipping supplies themselves can be converted into ‘postal evangelists’ singing your companies praises across time and distance.

Eventually, Your Clients Happily Pay The Branding Tab

People will pay more, order more, and tell more people about your product and your company if you let them know you care about their customer experience by giving them packaging that reflects your respect for them.

Most likely, you know from your own experience just how neat it feels to receive an attractive package in the mail, and you have probably had the experience of being “impressed” with the design, wording, and imagery on the packaging itself.

Sure, it may not happen all the time since a large percentage of companies mistakenly send out millions of mail-order items yearly with little to no consideration of the marketing space being neglected, but you do not remember those packages. You may not even remember those companies.

A well-known fact, though, is that you (and most other human beings in modern society) have a much easier time remembering packages and the companies that sent them your way if the brand messaging caught your eye upon opening it.

Spreading The Message Out of Town, Out of State

Advertising is expensive. Finding creative, cost-cutting ways to profitably sculpt the company brand into the minds of large numbers of existing and potential buyers is a must for many small and medium-sized companies; too, larger companies have no hesitance in improving the bottom line. Package branding is a surefire way to expand your marketing reach without doing huge media buys, or as an enhancement to existing advertising and marketing efforts. Few missteps can cause profits to disappear as quickly as neglecting to use both the product you ship and the packaging you use to do so as a dynamic, budget-friendly marketing tactic.

Controlling The Impression of Value Added

Mail-order packaging is an opportunity to replicate and broadcast the exact perception that leads to consumer confidence in your organization as well as its goods and services. The larger the container, the more real estate there is on its outer surface to serve as your opportunity for the client to have a hands-on, tactile contact experience with your message beyond merely receiving a satisfactory product. The payoff for your business happens, first, when the insulated foam shipper is removed from its box – the very moment their hands and eyes touch and perceive the professional brand you took the time to arrange, because that is a real-time impression that can stick around for years if the shipper itself is of high enough quality. The container often either remains with the client for re-use, serves as a practical giveaway that adds to the total number of brand impressions, and every positive product experience is tied to brand on the package. This gives your organization the power to shape the impression and target it to specific demographics and niches in ways that make a revenue-building impact.

Improved Brand Loyalty and Social Media Juice

When recipients handle effectively branded packaging, it can result in a total customer service experience when combined with excellent customer service and other logistics details. This inevitably spills over into the online social media sphere as your clients begin discussing their dealings with your company on the internet, leading hopefully to good reviews, confident recommendations, and more prospects inspired by people you’ve already sold to.

For example, if customers are impressed with your website, product images, accurately detailed descriptions, fair pricing, efficient ordering process, customer service set-up, delivery, and customer service follow-up, they are more likely to follow you on multiple social media sites, give you repeat business, and recommend your products to other people. Well-considered branding builds customer confidence in the transaction, the product, and your company, which makes clients want to tell others.

Make The Leap – Raise Your Package Impression

You have read of four fantastic reasons for investing a little extra in custom-branded packaging for your temperature-sensitive mail order business, with bottom line benefits of unlimited marketing impressions, low costs, better customer service ratings, improved brand loyalty (creating brand ambassadors out of customers), and increases in repeat business.

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