Quick Quiz – Why Use Foam Shipping Coolers For Meat & Seafood Mail Order Shipments?

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We Answer The Question Of Why Mail Order Meat & Seafood Shippers Should Package and Ship Steaks, Chops, Shrimp, Lobster, and Other Temperature-Sensitive Cargo Using Foam Shippers

Mail Order Meats Using LoBoy EPS Foam Shipping Coolers

In our most recent web article on insulated shipping boxes as Cold Chain Shipping Solutions, we address the reasons meat and seafood companies offering mail order services find peerless practical value in using EPS foam shipping coolers to ensure customer satisfaction and a healthy bottom line.

Mail order meat and seafood shipping involves sending packages to customers by way of high-priority U.S. mail, FedEx, UPS, and other carriers, usually under a 24 to 48 hour in transit window so that there’s less chance of spoilage, customer complaints, or the ever-undesirable demand for a refund.

The business models for these types of mail order operations demand merciless levels of efficiency to prevent low profit margins, so the supplies and methods that are part and ‘parcel’ of any business’ methodology must make things easier, faster, and cheaper (while maintaining the precious balance between capital inflow vs. client happiness).

How does a low-cost, light weight, bacteria-resistant, thermally superior material like Expanded Polystyrene help business owners, managers, and employees accomplish this complicated mission?  Read “Why Should I Use A Foam Shipping Cooler To Ship Fresh or Frozen Seafood?” for the details.


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