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Recycling EPS Foam – Working for More Options…

T Lavon Lawrence EPS Foam, EPS Foam Manufacturing

Doing Right By The Environment Is Good For Business.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS Foam) has grown from strictly industrial business-driven applications into a common, ubiquitous part of daily life in modern society, and is found in everything from electronics packaging to surf boards, a practical, reliable, and cost-effective thermal protection resource used by tens of millions of people across every country around the world every single day.

With such high popularity and use, there comes a growing need (and responsibility) to ensure that we all do our part to best dispose of the any unneeded EPS waste that results from its role in product packaging, commercial items, thermal protection and recreation.

Fortunately, EPS Foam is easily recycled for both practical re-use in other products, to be remade into different products, and for efficient disposal.

Talk Business 360, a service provider to the travel industry, has a new informational video with an expected reach of 4.2 million travelers in Fall of 2017, bringing a simple message on the benefits and availability of EPS recycling programs, plus details on how we as individuals can get the ball rolling in our own communities to establish and expand recycling options.

Magna Manufacturing, Inc. has long been a supporter of EPS Foam recycling and hopes that our local community governments and services will continue to ease the way for easy-access EPS recycling so that consumers and users will be more inspired to take advantage of expanding choices in recycling programs (also, helping reduce foam trash in parks and beaches thanks to increasing recycling awareness and disposal options).

Check out Talk Business 360’s short but informative EPS Foam Recycling promotional being shown on airline flights starting August 2017…