Recycling Foam Coolers – Economic & Practical Benefits

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Recyling Foam Coolers Is Good For The Environment and Economy

Recyling Foam Coolers Is Good For The Environment and Economy

The team here at LoBoy Foam Coolers & Insul-Pak Insulated EPS Foam Shippers and Shipping Coolers has launched an article publishing campaign that covers all manner of topics related to foam cooelrs and related products in the family of Magna Manufacturing, Inc. brands.

Read the first article release covering the topic of why RECYLING FOAM COOLERS IS GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY AND THE ENVIRONMENT.

An Exerpt…

…Keep in mind that most of the foam coolers that people discard tend to be cheap and disposable. When customers purchase high quality ones they tend to keep them, often for years, even making creative use of them for purposes other than keeping drinks cold. By purchasing high quality foam coolers, you basically are doing something positive for the environment in that regard because you don’t have to continually replace them.

If on the other hand, you do as many people do and make impulse purchases in a department store or gas station and choose the cheaper, flimsy type that end up broken on the beach, then make the better choice to recycle rather than trash. By choosing to recycle, you not only make yourself look good, but help the environment and the economy in the process…

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