Shipping Your Seafood Catch or Seafood Market Purchases

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The LoBoy Foam Coolers Team Discusses How To Ship The Seafood You Catch Or Purchase

Terral - LoBoy Foam Coolers Client Solutions Team Marketing Expert

There are three very important factors that can determine whether your seafood shipment arrives ready to prepare or ready to throw away.

The most recent informative article released on the web by the makers of the legendary LoBoy foam cooler explains this triad of vital considerations when deciding how to ship seafood across long distances.  This covers seafood you catch when out on charter fishing trips or seafood you buy from a local seafood market while traveling.

Shipping perishable seafood across entire states and over long distances requires the right tools for the job; otherwise there is a high likelihood that your delicate cargo will lose temperature integrity and spoil. To prevent this disaster from happening, thousands of companies choose Foam Coolers for Shipping Seafood & Other Cold Goods (generally at least 1.5 inches thick with a sturdy top and fitting comfortably into standard cardboard boxes to make a kits called insulated shipping boxes).

When you’ve got a bit of fresh seafood you need to get back to family or friends – and you need that seafood to arrive without spoilage – then you want to take the advice offered  here as you read “Three Things To Remember When Shipping Seafood In Foam Coolers Across Country”

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