Styrofoam Coolers: Thick-Wall vs Thin-Wall

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We Invented The Thick Walled Foam Ice Chest To Replace Thin Walled Breakable Coolers For Good Reason…

The Big Boss at LoBoy Coolers - Kenny WatkinsIn 1967, the founder of our company  had endured enough frustration from having cheap foam coolers break or leak when he went out fishing off the coast of Destin, Florida.  In those days, many fishermen would load their catches into such coolers to take back to the dock, with a high likelihood of suffering a ‘foam cooler disaster’ because they simply were not well made enough to handle that kind of a pounding.

So, Charles Watkins decided to do something revolutionary and create a foam cooler that could be packed full of ice along with fish and seafood or drinks and still handle the rugged workload of charter fleet fishermen without punishing their wallets.

In his own garage, Mr. Watkins built what’s considered to be the first thick walled foam ice chest for his own successful use, and this created instant demand from associates who were similarly frustrated.  Soon, he was making so many that he would load them up in his pick-up truck and sell them out of the local grocery store he owned right across the street from the beach in Destin.  Demand grew so quickly that a manufacturing plant was opened and the foam cooler industry took note and began falling into line.

This most recent article launched by the LoBoy Team discusses why thick walled foam ice chests are a better choice than weaker thin walled varieties (keeping in mind of course that there are some quality thinner walled types)…Read Read Three Reasons Why Thick Wall Foam Ice Chests Are Better Than Cheap Ones

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