Three Ways To Tell A Quality Styrofoam Cooler From A Cheap Styrofoam Cooler

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Prevent Styrofoam Cooler Disasters By Knowing How To Tell Quality From Junk – The Beach Will Thank You

Three Keys For Telling A Quality Styrofoam Cooler From A Cheap One

Three Keys For Telling A Quality Styrofoam Cooler From A Cheap One

A Cheap Cooler Usually Means Flimsy or Leaky – Quality Styrofoam Coolers are Built to Last!

For many years, innumerable American Citizens have braved backed up traffic, high gas prices, and screaming kids yelling, “Are we THERE yet”, all to realize the ultimate dream of sitting in the sun, soaking up rays, and forgetting their troubles.  These bold pioneers annually set forth to the beach during the Summer and survive endless war for a good parking spot only to suffer the piled-on indignity of helplessly watching tasty snacks, sodas, and beer packed in cheap Styrofoam Coolers go crashing to the ground as said flimsy containers lose what little integrity they had under a minimal load.  Well, we here at LoBoy say, “NO MORE BROKEN STYROFOAM COOLERS!”

The LoBoy Styrofoam Coolers Team hooks you up with the inside information you need to poke, prod, and test any foam cooler to know if it’s well-made and strong enough for you to carry out your recreational missions with confidence.

This latest article release by the LoBoy Team provides three top secret methods that will save the American Consumer money and frustration by differentiating between lousy, cheap foam coolers and reliable, tough, reusable foam ice chests.  Read “Three Keys To Know A Quality Styrofoam Cooler From a Cheap Foam Cooler”…

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