Why Use LoBoy Insulated Shipping Boxes For Mail Order Meat and Seafood

Conecuh Sausage Company Ships Meat Using LoBoy Insulated Foam Cooler Ice ChestsFor more than 45 years LoBoy Insulated Foam Shipping Boxes have helped keep meat, seafood, and other perishable products thermally protected during transit.  Mail order meat shippers prefer LoBoy because of our highest-quality manufacturing standards, flexible order logistics, cost effectiveness, and reputation for providing a reliable EPS foam shipping container.

The Conecuh® Sausage Company in Evergreen, Alabama makes hickory smoked ham, hickory smoked turkey, hickory smoked bacon, hickory smoked sausage that tastes so good you’ll want to take a picture of your own taste buds to enjoy the memory of the meal you ate.

So tasty and popular this brand has become that people from all over the country order Conecuh® products, seasonings, accessories, and gift boxes at www.conecuhsausage.com and by phone when calling in directly to the company.  Thus, when it comes time for shipping their sausage, turkey, bacon, and ham meats to customers, they make sure to protect their reputation by using LoBoy Foam Cooler Ice Chests and Insulated Shipping Boxes to maintain product quality while during transit.

The LoBoy brand of foam shippers are fully-fused, highest quality EPS foam shipping containers that can keep perishable foods cold for days rather than hours when properly packaged.  When a product is transported across varying weather conditions and warehousing temperature scenarios, the shipping box itself needs to be ruggedly reliable, leak resistant, and able to maintain thermal integrity to prevent spoilage while maintaining quality.  When those factors come together in one solid meat and seafood shipper, then companies know that they’re dealing with a LoBoy.

Customer satisfaction, reusability, and recyclability for the end user, and cost-effectiveness to help the bottom line of the product provider – these are the reasons to use LoBoy and our Insul-Pak brand of insulated foam shipping boxes for packaging meat and seafood.

For more information on how LoBoy can help your bottom line while keeping your customers satisfied, contact our LoBoy Client Solutions Team at (888) 243-1112.

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