Magna’s Christmas & New Years Hours 2018…

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018 From Magna MFG & our LoBoy Coolers Team! Have a safe and joyous holiday season! We will be closed Christmas Eve Dec. 24th & Christmas Day Dec. 25th and the day after Christmas Dec. 26th so that employees can enjoy precious time with loved ones. We will be open Thursday December 27th through Friday December 28th. Closed New Years Eve and New Years Day – OPEN NORMAL HOURS WEDNESDAY January 2, 2019 – To Order during the holiday season call Toll Free 888-243-1112.

Choosing How To Keep Seafood Cold When Shipping In Foam Coolers

Keeping Seafood Cold When Shipping Long Distances – Dry Ice Vs. Gel Packs

As To Whether You Should Use Gel Packs or Dry Ice When Shipping Seafood Catches or Purchases… Let’s say you’re going to use a foam shipping cooler to ship home your most recent catch from the charter fishing boat or from the great adventure you recently enjoyed at the local seafood store.  The one thing you want to make sure of is that your cargo inside your insulated shipping box doesn’t go bad on you while in transit.  This means you need to choose the appropriate refrigerant. To Dry Ice or NOT To Dry Ice? Did you know that using dry ice is a bad idea in certain seafood shipping …

Closed Wed Oct 10th due to Hurricane Michael – Open Thurs Oct 11th

BE SAFE OUR THERE – THIS IS A SERIOUS STORM SO WE’RE PROTECTING OUR PEOPLE… The Magna Team will be huddled indoors or beating feet out of town like everybody else, hunkering down for Hurricane Michael. We will be CLOSED on Wednesday Oct. 10th and likely re-opening on Thursday if there is power. Leave a message with our Customer Service Team at (850)243-1112 if required and we’ll get back to you ASAP.  

Are you ready for the next tropical storm or hurricane - use this checklist!

A 23-Point Hurricane Preparadness Checklist

Tropical Storm or Hurricane Aftermath – Nothing Worse Than Being Caught Unprepared! Our most recent article discusses 23 basic supplies that can help you make it through the aftermath of a tropical storm or hurricane with a greater advantage than people who fail to prepare – and it all begins with the right foam cooler ice chest that’s thick walled, superior-grade, light-weight, low cost, and allows you to have several of them to share if you wish and still have plenty of money left over for other supplies.  This checklist is practical in that it ensures you have what you need in advance so you won’t have to rely so …

More World-Wide Love for LoBoy!

The LoBoy name has really been making the rounds of late with the travel season kicking off.  We recently received a pic from a cruise ship on the way to Belize, and now we’ve got more including our friends down at the Ace Hardware store in Destin, Florida.