Magna With Walmart in A WEAR Channel 3 On-Site Interview

LoBoy Coolers Foam Cooler

The Magna team extends a warm “Thank You” to Christopher Saul and the rest of Pensacola’s WEAR Channel 3’s News Team for their recent visit and tour of our Fort Walton Beach, Florida manufacturing plant as well as an in-depth interview with Magna’s General Manager, Kenny Watkins highlighting our participation in Walmart’s wonderful local vendor program. ABOUT THE WALMART ‘BUY LOCAL, BUY AMERICAN’ PROGRAM: As part of Magna Manufacturing’s daily effort to make product we can be proud of widely available to a public demanding more bang for a hard-earned dollar, our company teamed up with retail mega-giant Walmart in the Spring of 2013 as part of their ‘Buy Local, …

Original 50-Year Old LoBoy Cooler Shows Why Quality Wins Over The Long Term!

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LoBoy Foam Coolers – Made With Pride, Built To Last – The BEST Foam Cooler in the USA! 50-Year Old LoBoy Styrofoam Cooler Shows Why Long-Term Quality Wins! LoBoy Styrofoam Coolers & Ice Chests EPS are 100% American and built to last! The LoBoy Coolers team is very excited to have come across one of our original coolers from when we first began production 50 years ago.  The years have passed and many things in the world have changed, but our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is the same now as it was five decades ago. This styrofoam ice chest (made from EPS Expanded Polystyrene) was one of the …

LoBoy Foam Coolers 50 Years Making Highest Quality Coolers in the USA

Celebrating 50 Years of Making The Best Foam Coolers in the USA!

LoBoy Coolers Foam Cooler

Magna Manufacturing got it’s start in 1967 as a result of one man’s desire to create an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Foam Cooler that would actually last more than a day at the beach or while fishing. The first “LoBoy Thick Wall Foam Coolers” arrived in Destin, Florida in 1967. The company’s name back then was Insul-Pak (the very name given to our Insulated Shipping Boxes & Insulated Foam Shipping Containers).  Thanks to our high-quality standard and great pricing, our company grew by leaps and bounds over the years and was eventually purchased by Mr. Paul Owens in 1983, at which time its name was changed to Magna Manufacturing, Inc. Mr. …

Insulated Shipping Boxes Labels Branding by Insulpak and LoBoy

Putting Labels on Foam Insulated Shipping Boxes for Building Your Brand

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Here’s 4 Profit-Boosting Reasons Why Branding Your Shipping Packages Can Increase Business. Why putting the right label on your insulated shipping boxes is a profitable way to increase brand recognition, promote customer loyalty, and build brand trust. Thousands of companies doing mail-order business use insulated foam coolers and shipping boxes ensure seafood, meats, medicines, and other goods reach customers and clients in excellent condition.

LoBoy Foam Cooler Survives Being Thrown From A Roof

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Is A LoBoy Foam Cooler Really Tough Enough To Survive a 30-Foot Drop?  Video Footage Reveals The Truth! On a brisk, sunny morning the team got together and decided to test out whether our thick-wall cooler could handle a long drop from heights that would send most foam coolers to the scrap heap. Throwing A Foam Cooler Off A Roof – Can It Survive A 30 Foot Drop? A foam cooler company has to have a lot of confidence in the quality of it’s products to risk conducting a live demonstration of it being thrown from the top of a building for upload to YouTube, and that’s exactly what we …