LoBoy EPS Foam Coolers, Shipping Coolers & Insulated Shipping Boxes

Founded in 1967 & We’ve Been Chillin’ Ever Since

LoBoy is a family-owned business out of Fort Walton Beach, FL that has been providing the best customer service, best prices, and of course, best foam coolers on the market for the past 50 years. Our reusable, thick-walled, leak resistant foam coolers can withstand over 100 pounds and keep contents colder or hotter than hard shell coolers. As if they could get any better, our coolers are also 100% American-made and recyclable. We know we make the most durable foam coolers on the market, but don’t take our word for it: Check out how our products did against competitors in independent lab tests.

  • The “Original” LoBoy Foam Cooler

  • The “Junior” LoBoy Foam Cooler

  • The LoBoy “Jumbo” Foam Cooler

  • The “VersaPak” LoBoy Foam Cooler

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Best Foam Coolers in the USA

So when you need to keep drinks icy cold and hot foods piping hot, our LoBoy Coolers have always been in a class of their own for quality and performance.

And while we've given the competition over 40 years to catch up, our LoBoy products are still the industry standard. Our designers and engineers have leveraged our manufacturing technology and expertise to expand the scope of the business into some pretty amazing places, including the addition of three new manufacturing facilities to offer our LoBoy products worldwide. We don't just manufacture Expanded Polystyrene products - we manufacture SOLUTIONS!

LoBoy Foam Cooler Manufacturer Total EPS Foam Recycling Program

LoBoy’s 100% EPS Foam Recycling Program

Our reliability doesn’t stop with our products. We are fully committed to giving back to our community and environment. Our coolers may look like styrofoam, but they are actually made with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) which is manufactured with little energy and environmentally friendly. Our coolers are 100% American-made and 100% recyclable. Because our products are so strong and reusable, they don’t end up as litter on our beaches or waterways. LoBoy maintains a 100% EPS Foam Recycling Program on-site. We also partner with the area Air Force Military Base to ensure that their left-over EPS Foam is properly recycled.