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The Bear Facts – LoBoy’s Styrofoam Cooler Blog

LoBoy Official Foam Cooler Lifestyle BlogWelcome to The Bear Facts, our LoBoy Coolers Blog – we highlight and discuss our EPS foam coolers – or Styrofoam Coolers, commonly called – because they get to lead exciting and interesting lives in the hands of their owners, keeping company with exciting people engaging in fun activities all over the country, so we’d like to highlight those adventures here. Whereas we have plenty of neat topics to discuss, our main focus for The Bear Facts focuses on the lifestyles and interests of the End Users (or, better put, Customers) who enjoy their leisure time and who just happen to bring along their LoBoy Foam Coolers when they’re living life to the fullest. We also like to let everyone know about the latest happenings in our industry as it relates to the businesses who promote and use all of our products and services. In the end, it’s all about the people whose lives are impacted by what we do, but we also like to showcase some of the great fun we have here at the company so that everybody gets to see that we enjoy using our products as much as our wonderful friends.