Custom Logo Label Styrofoam Coolers

Custom Logo Label Styrofoam Coolers For Businesses & Organizations

Add a customized or existing company logo or even a photograph to our Styrofoam Coolers or Insulated Styrofoam Coolers for Shipping cold or frozen products. Our new label technology allows us to create your label in-house with very quick turnaround.

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Custom Logo Branded Foam Coolers by LoBoy
Custom Logo Branded Foam Coolers by LoBoy
Custom Logo Branded Foam Coolers by LoBoy

Labels can be placed on the following LoBoy Coolers and there are no color limitations:
Thick-wall Coolers: 101, 102, 103, 104 & 105
Promotional Coolers: 114, 117H, 122H, 201 & 201H

And on these LoBoy Insulated Shipping Coolers:
Shipper & Shipping Container Coolers: 200, 202, 203, 204, 206, 208, 210, 214 & 218

How Flexible is LoBoy on Custom Label Styrofoam Coolers?
Check out our ‘Gulf Coast Fish’ Series, Custom-Ordered:

Contact the LoBoy Team for any additional custom label and unique branding options!

Want To See Even More Styrofoam Cooler (EPS Foam Cooler) Options?

In addition to our extensive selection of Custom Logo Foam Coolers for branding your Business or Organizations, we also manufacture Wholesale Promotional Foam Coolers as “entry-level” general purpose foam coolers for Retailers, and Thick-wall Styrofoam Coolers.  Here are some convenient links:

The amazing thermal protective properties of our EPS Foam Coolers make them perfect for Cold Chain Shipping requirements.  Cold Chain Shipping is very important for businesses dealing in temperature-sensitive products that require protection, especially during shipping to clients and customers.  Our line of LoBoy Insulated Shipping Boxes & Containers ( insulated shipping coolers ) are the best solution.  If your business requires a customized foam design solution for shipping products that have unique shape, we provide Custom Styrofoam (EPS Foam) Product Packaging Shipping Protection Design Services that can add to your bottom line and help build a satisfied customer base.