Loboy Wholesale Pharmaceutical Medicine Shipping Coolers

Our Styrofoam Insulated Shipping Coolers – Pharmaceutical Shippers Keep Life-Saving Medical Supplies Safely Cold for Extended Hours During Transport.

The process of getting medical products from point A to point B while maintaining temperature integrity is called Cold Chain Shipping,” and we cater to your shipping needs with industry-proven approaches whether drop-shipping pharmaceuticals or simply using a freight carrier like FedEx or UPS to ship medicines long distance, your cargo must be well insulated from excessive temperature changes that can impact quality in a negative way. Thermally regulated, temperature-controlled expanded polystyrene (sometimes called styrofoam) containers are the most cost-effective way for providing optimum protection for items that need to be chilled (or kept frozen) during transit.

When you’re shipping medicines, vaccines, growth hormones, specimens, fragile culture packs, temperature-sensitive liquids, materials for biopsies, or lab samples, or other pharmaceuticals, LoBoy’s line of Insulated Styrofoam Shippers & Shipping Cooler Box Kits has the thermal protection that suits your temperature-sensitive shipping and handling requirements.

LoBoy thick-wall medical coolers will provide at least 48 hours of chill time during transit when used with the appropriate combinations of refrigerants (gel packs, dry ice, or cold bricks). Gel packs and dry ice differ in their use requirements in that dry ice is meant for shipments that must be kept frozen while gel packs are used to keep cargo within a desired cold temperature range without freezing.

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Here, you’ll find an extensive selection of EPS Foam Cooler Options To Choose From Including:

Today, the LoBoy Brand of Thick Wall Foam Coolers, Dual-Compartment & Promotional Styrofoam Coolers, and Custom Logo Coolers For Branding Your Business or Organization is synonymous with peace of mind, wise buying decisions, and solid American Values. Combine our flawless record of consistent reliability and “Made In America” standard with our 100% Recyclable Expanded Polystyrene product, and you can have complete confidence that you are making the best purchasing decision possible when considering foam coolers.