Using Styrofoam Coolers And EPS Foam Coolers – Featuring Video Demonstrations and Training On The Many Practical Uses For Stryofoam and EPS Foam Coolers and Ice Chests

For many years, millions of people have benefited from making practical use of what are commonly referred to as styrofoam coolers.  The term ‘styrofoam’ is a nickname, really, because today’s foam coolers are actually made from Expanded Polystyrene, a space age material with superior insulation qualities, low cost, long-lasting durability (when manufactured correctly), and one that is recyclable.

Below, we feature video about the many practical and fun uses for foam coolers, including fishing, hunting, camping, outings at the beach, tailgating events, and family picnics.  For more information on the selections and types we have available, use the following links:

Thick Wall Foam Coolers
Promotional Foam Coolers
Custom Logo Coolers For Branding Your Business or Organization

Effectively Packing Fresh Seafood Into A Foam Cooler – Basic Seafood Thermal Protection

For Keeping Seafood Fresh And Ready To Prepare After Fishing or Seafood Market Purchases

Packing & Shipping Fresh Seafood For Overnight Delivery Out Of Town

Using Foam Shipping Coolers To Deliver Fresh Seafood To Friends, Family, and Clients

Are You A Business Needing Cold Chain Shipping Solutions For Temperature-Sensitive Products?

The amazing thermal protective properties of our EPS Foam Coolers make them perfect for Cold Chain Shipping requirements.  Cold Chain Shipping is very important for businesses dealing in temperature-sensitive products that require protection, especially during shipping to clients and customers.  Our LoBoy line of Insulated Shipping Box Kits & Cold Chain Containers ( insulated shipping coolers ) are the best solution.  If your business requires a customized foam design solution for shipping products that have unique shape, we provide Custom EPS Foam Shipping Protection Design Services that can add to your bottom line and help build a satisfied customer base.

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