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Closed Wed Oct 10th due to Hurricane Michael – Open Thurs Oct 11th

BE SAFE OUR THERE – THIS IS A SERIOUS STORM SO WE’RE PROTECTING OUR PEOPLE… The Magna Team will be huddled indoors or beating feet out of town like everybody else, hunkering down for Hurricane Michael. We will be CLOSED on Wednesday Oct. 10th and likely re-opening on Thursday if there is power. Leave a message with our Customer Service Team at (850)243-1112 if required and we’ll get back to you ASAP.  

More World-Wide Love for LoBoy!

The LoBoy name has really been making the rounds of late with the travel season kicking off.  We recently received a pic from a cruise ship on the way to Belize, and now we’ve got more including our friends down at the Ace Hardware store in Destin, Florida.

LoBoy Gets Love on the High Seas!

HOW DOES LOBOY KNOW WHEN TO KEEP IT COLD vs WHEN TO KEEP IT HOT? The question has gone international aboard a Carnival Cruise ship of Mobile, Alabama and headed for Belize! With so many clients from all over the country enjoying LoBoy Foam Coolers, it’s no surprise that the LoBoy Foam Cooler name would show up on a cruise ship on it’s way to Belize!  And now for some shuffle-board and an umbrella cocktail!

EPS Foam Recycling - Getting Bigger and Better

Recycling EPS Foam – Working for More Options & Expanded Availability…

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS Foam) has grown from strictly industrial business-driven applications into a common, ubiquitous part of daily life in modern society, and is found in everything from electronics packaging to surf boards, a practical, reliable, and cost-effective thermal protection resource used by tens of millions of people across every country around the world every single day. With such high popularity and use, there comes a growing need (and responsibility) to ensure that we all do our part to best dispose of the any unneeded EPS waste that results from its role in product packaging, commercial items, thermal protection and recreation. Fortunately, EPS Foam is easily recycled for both practical …