LoBoy Foam Coolers & Foam Shippers Team On TV

Destin Chamber Forum Featuring LoBoy Foam Coolers and Foam Shippers

LoBoy Foam Coolers and Magna Manufacturing, Inc. had the privilege of appearing on a recent episode of The Destin Chamber Forum, a weekly Cox Communications broadcast featuring in-depth interviews of select Destin, Florida Chamber of Commerce members.

LoBoy Client Solution Team members Jeff Reinlie (Sales Manager) and Terral Lawrence (Marketing Strategist) spent time at the Cox Cable Studio in Fort Walton Beach, Florida with other Destin Chamber Of Commerce members who were slotted for their own show segments, including representatives from the area’s Harry & David franchise and The Doggy Bag (unique pet food and supplies) store.

Chamber Forum host Amy Perry, Esquire of the law firm Pleat and Perry, P.A. (located in Destin) who conducted a very interesting interview. The topics of conversation included…

The history of LoBoy Foam Coolers and LoBoy Foam Shippers

LoBoy began in 1967 when a Destin, Florida business man grew frustrated at takingwhat were commonly flimsy, cheap styrofoam coolers out on fishing trips only to have them crumble apart and break when he needed them most. So, in the privacy of his own basement, Charles D. Watkins set about constructing a new type of foam cooler with an unusually thick wall, one more leak resistant and that could take a beating. These initial units were sold in what was the only grocery store in Destin at the time, which was located in the old Moreno Shopping Plaza where the landmark McGuire’s restaurant now calls home (right across from Destin Harbor which leads out to the Gulf of Mexico).

The result of Mr. Watkins’ efforts was a revolution in foam cooler standards that quickly inspired demand. The rapid growth in LoBoy thick wall foam cooler sales led to the opening of a sizeable production factory and, in 1983, the company was purchased by Mr. Paul Owens whose willingness to upgrade facilities and technology ushered in new ways of doing business that have allowed Magna to expand both its product offerings and nationwide client base.

The New Amazing Flying Coozie – Sports Tailgating Just Got A Lot More Fun!

Introduced to a rousing reception at the 2012 Las Vegas Sports Licensing and Tailgating Show, this spectacular new drink koozie actually flies like a football, when thrown and is great as a promotional or entertainment item. Manufactured by Magna Manufacturing in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, The Amazing Flying Coozie is a light weight, fun tailgating, outdoor, and party accessory that never fails to delight. Not only does it keep your drink cool, it can turn any dull event into a good time by your simply removing your drink and giving it a good throw to your friends using a football throwing motion – the better your throwing motion, the more accurate and further you can make the coozie go.

LoBoy Foam Cooler Ice Chests with business and organization logos

A major component of LoBoy Foam Cooler production comes in the form of promotional foam coolers for businesses (seafood shippers, pie & cake shippers, pharmaceutical shippers, etc.) featuring business or organization logos to promote the company or group brand. LoBoy is a major manufacturer and supplier of foam shipping coolers that provide product protection for temperature sensitive products, fragile goods, and even custom eps (expanded polystyrene) foam packaging services for business products that require their own special cushioning needs during shipping.

LoBoy College Logo Tailgating Coolers built from gorgeous, lush Cypress wood

Also making a splash at this year’s Las Vegas Sports Licensing and Tailgating Show, the LoBoy Cypress Wood Tailgating Cooler sports officially licensed college logos on a rich cypress wood grain surface, making either the 27 quart portable or 68 quart (with lifting legs) a perfect addition to any tailgating event or as convenient, practical dorm room furniture, not to mention they look great on the deck or next to the swimming pool. These visually attractive ice chests have more appeal than typical hard shell plastic or steel coolers and serve as delightful conversation pieces.The Destin Florida Chamber Of Commerce
Suzy Hunt of the Destin Chamber coordinated the video shoot and the result was a smooth process that included not only The LoBoy Team, but other businesses as well. LoBoy and Magna Manufacturing, Inc. are now committed to maximizing participation in Destin Chamber of Commerce activities in order to further solidify our already strong reputation for community involvement and support.

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