Five Strong Reasons To Reject Cheap Foam Coolers

Terral - LoBoy Foam Coolers Client Solutions Team Marketing Expert

As a manufacturer located just minutes away from the pristine, sugar-white sand and crystal clear emerald-green waters of the beaches of Fort Walton Beach and Destin, Florida, the LoBoy team is serious about foam cooler quality because nothing disappoints like seeing badly made foam coolers broken and discarded on our shores.

Cheap, flimsy, breakable foam coolers perpetuate perceptions of cheapness, poor quality, low customer satisfaction, increased littering, and failure to recycle whereas high-quality foam coolers earn customer respect, last for years, and reduce garbage on the beach because people keep them for years of reuse rather than cast them aside.

This latest article release by the LoBoy Team highlights five major reasons why consumers should stay away from cheap foam coolers and help raise social standards for foam cooler quality.  Read Five Reasons To Avoid Cheap Foam Coolers.

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