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LoBoy promotional styrofoam coolers are a cost-effective item on which to proudly display your company graphics and imagery for a new level of brand awareness that goes where your customer goes and is shown to the people with whom they socialize.

LoBoy ‘Entry-Level’ Styrofoam EPS Foam Coolers have slightly thinner construction than our Thick Wall Foam Coolers while still maintaining superior quality to comparable brands (better leak resistance, temperature retention, not to mention that ours are longer lasting than typical promo coolers). 100% Recyclable combined with superior durability makes it the perfect foam cooler for people who care about the environment.

Since 1967, our Thick Wall Expanded Polystyrene Foam Coolers (commonly referred to as Foam Ice Chests by fishing pros and water sports fans who love them) have exceeded business, industry, and personal temperature control expectations as the best EPS Foam Coolers money can buy.