Insulated Shipping Boxes Labels Branding by Insulpak and LoBoy

Putting Labels on Foam Insulated Shipping Boxes for Building Your Brand

Here’s 4 Profit-Boosting Reasons Why Branding Your Shipping Packages Can Increase Business. Why putting the right label on your insulated shipping boxes is a profitable way to increase brand recognition, promote customer loyalty, and build brand trust. Thousands of companies doing mail-order business use insulated foam coolers and shipping boxes ensure seafood, meats, medicines, and other goods reach customers and clients in excellent condition.

Companies Ship Fragile Sea Life In LoBoy Cooler Ice Chests

Companies Use LoBoy Foam Ice Chests and LoBoy Insulated Shipping Boxes For Protecting Marine Life Specimens In Transit High quality LoBoy Coolers and LoBoy Insulated Foam Shippers and Insulated Shipping Boxes are among the most cost-effective packaging options for securing and protecting aquatic specimens for long-distance transport. One company using our products to do just that is Gulf Specimen Marine …