Insulated Shipping Boxes Labels Branding by Insulpak and LoBoy

Putting Labels on Foam Insulated Shipping Boxes for Building Your Brand

Here’s 4 Profit-Boosting Reasons Why Branding Your Shipping Packages Can Increase Business. Why putting the right label on your insulated shipping boxes is a profitable way to increase brand recognition, promote customer loyalty, and build brand trust. Thousands of companies doing mail-order business use insulated foam coolers and shipping boxes ensure seafood, meats, medicines, and other goods reach customers and clients in excellent condition.

LoBoy Foam Cooler Survives Being Thrown From A Roof

Is A LoBoy Foam Cooler Really Tough Enough To Survive a 30-Foot Drop?  Video Footage Reveals The Truth! On a brisk, sunny morning the team got together and decided to test out whether our thick-wall cooler could handle a long drop from heights that would send most foam coolers to the scrap heap. Throwing A Foam Cooler Off A Roof – Can It Survive A 30 Foot Drop? A foam cooler company has to have a lot of confidence in the quality of it’s products to risk conducting a live demonstration of it being thrown from the top of a building for upload to YouTube, and that’s exactly what we …

Mail Order Steak Seafood and Other Meats Use EPS Foam Shipping Coolers

Using Insulated Shipping Boxes To Ship Fresh Shrimp and Seafood

Overnight Shipping of Fresh Crab, Shrimp, & Fish via Insulated Foam Shipping Containers to Prevent Spoiling Do you have occasion or need to package and ship perishable seafood items across the state or across country?  Want to save money while making sure that your cargo arrives still tantalizingly fresh?  We’ve got the solution for you:  Insulated Shipping Boxes & Coolers This video on How To Pack And Ship Fresh Seafood For Overnight Delivery explains in detail how you can pack your items in a most efficient way before taking them to the UPS, FedEx, postal service, or other shipping provider… If you happen to find yourself headed out to do …

EPS Expanded Polystyrene Name Change?

Is Expanded Polystyrene (EPS Foam) Eventually To Be Renamed by the Plastics Industry? A recent Plastics Today blog focuses on the European EPS industry’s efforts to reach a consensus name change for Expanded Polystyrene for consistency’s sake.  Check out the article entitled European EPS Industry Suggests A Name Change For The Material… As an manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene products – including Foam Coolers and Insulated Shipping Boxes, the LoBoy brand would be impacted by a consensus name change in many ways if it takes hold in the USA.  For now, though, things remain as they’ve been for more than 44 years.  

Why Use LoBoy Insulated Shipping Boxes For Mail Order Meat and Seafood

For more than 45 years LoBoy Insulated Foam Shipping Boxes have helped keep meat, seafood, and other perishable products thermally protected during transit.  Mail order meat shippers prefer LoBoy because of our highest-quality manufacturing standards, flexible order logistics, cost effectiveness, and reputation for providing a reliable EPS foam shipping container. The Conecuh® Sausage Company in Evergreen, Alabama makes hickory smoked ham, hickory smoked turkey, hickory smoked bacon, hickory smoked sausage that tastes so good you’ll want to take a picture of your own taste buds to enjoy the memory of the meal you ate. So tasty and popular this brand has become that people from all over the country order …

Companies Ship Fragile Sea Life In LoBoy Cooler Ice Chests

Companies Use LoBoy Foam Ice Chests and Insulated Shipping Cooler Box Kits For Protecting Marine Life Specimens In Transit High quality LoBoy Coolers and Insul-Pak Insulated Foam Shippers and Insulated Shipping Boxes are among the most cost-effective packaging options for securing and protecting aquatic specimens for long-distance transport. One company using our products to do just that is Gulf Specimen Marine Lab in Panacea, Florida. As a resource providing marine life specimens needed for study at schools, universities, and even research laboratories, Gulf Specimen Marine Lab relies on the superior thermal protection of our EPS foam shippers and coolers to maintain health and integrity of specific marine samples during transit …